Integrate with Zoom and start your classes directly from Legios. You need to log in to your Legios account in order to use Zoom

Zoom is a powerful tool that allows you to create classes via video conference that your students will attend. To create a new meeting, login as a teacher, go to your Subjects and select one.  Then, follow the steps:

1. Select an activity from Activities or Calendar or create a new one.

2. Go to the activity options on the right and click on Assign Video Conference. 

3. Select Zoom – Create new meeting

4. Choose a name and a description for the meeting.

5. Set a date, time, and create a password if you need it (optional).

6. Click on Create Video Conference.

You are ready to start your class. Just go to the activity and click on Start Meeting. 

Note: If you already created a meeting in your Zoom account, go to step 3, select  Zoom link, and paste or type your link.